• Leave the Door Alone
    Hoover/Latex W150cm x H200cm x D160cm

  • Everybody's Just Waiting
    Wood/Rope/Sash Weights/Sacks/Seats W350cm x H170cm x D40cm

  • Curtain
    Fume Cupboard/Steel/Wire/Latex W45cm x H40cm x D30cm

  • Blunt Instruments
    Lathed Hardwood/Steel Case/Foam W45cm x H10cm x D35cm

  • Women and Children First
    Wood,/Typewriters/Steel/Ribbons W305cm x H160cm x D90cm

Neil Childs

Process: I work with a broad range of materials and found objects, exploring their potential and how the language of these materials can be altered when they are combined.

Ideas: I am trying to produce work that explores our physical, mental and spiritual restrictions and limitations.

[email protected]