• Nymans, Oil on canvas, 51cm x 61cm

  • Medina Wall
    Oil on canvas, 61cm x 66cm
    Photography Simon Cook 01736 360041

  • New Years Day, Oil on canvas, 51cm x 61cm

  • Sea Wall, Oil on canvas, 51cm x 61cm

  • September Song, monoprint


Instagram: @sonyamwalters


Memories of distant travels and a response to experience much closer to home are the trigger to my work, but it is a fascination with colour which is the all encompassing ingredient to my practice. The immediacy and physical nature of the printmaking process is a different experience to the more contemplative and solitary nature of the painting studio, but the two areas have become a significant overlapping combination.

During the process in both painting and printmaking, the work will begin to take its own path, and I’m always fascinated and pleased when on completion, the piece does indeed encapsulate the spirit of the initial response, but in a form never initially envisaged.

Throughout weekends May 2019 I will be showing my work at Reflections of Light and Colour in the Artists Open Houses event.

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