• Medina Wall
    Oil on canvas, 61cm x 66cm
    Photography Simon Cook 01736 360041

  • Reverberation
    Monoprint, 36cm x 48cm
    Photography Simon Cook 01736 36004

  • Glass Half Full I
    Monoprint, 36cm x 48cm
    Photography by Simon Cook 01736 360041

  • Tavira
    Oil on Canvas, 76cm x 91cm
    Photography Simon Cook 01736 36004

  • Remembered City
    Oil on canvas, 58cm x 71 cm
    Photography Simon Cook 01736 360041

Sonya Walters

My interest in the history and sense of place in different cultures is often the trigger for my work as a painter and printmaker.

I carry a small notebook and camera which help me to record the excitement in my surroundings and the reaction to the events occurring within it, the social interaction at play and the feelings evoked.

Once back in the studio, paring down to simple shapes and visual symbols allows the colour to take over. I aim for a physical involvement from the viewer  where they may be drawn into the ‘blueness’ of blue ….or grey….or red… in any particular piece.

During the process of both painting and printmaking, the work will begin to take its own path, and I’m always fascinated and pleased when, on completion, the piece does indeed encapsulate the spirit of the initial response, but in a form never initially envisaged.

Sonya is part of the Kemptown Arts Trail in May 2017 Artists Open Houses event. See her work at 17 Barry Walk, Brighton.

Sonya Walters (2016)

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