• Westward Ho!, 2019
    60cm x 42cm, screenprint

  • Punk Edwardians, 2020
    70cm x 50cm, screenprint

  • Picnic, 2019
    50cm x 70cm, screenprint

  • Firewalker, 2019
    82cm x 24cm, screenprint

  • Epsom Downs, 2019
    70cm x 50cm, screenprint


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instagagram: @darthur846

My interest in photographic silkscreen began at school in 1971 in a frenzy of Warholian psychedelia, but I did not pursue it again until the end of 2018.

Firewalker is the first print I completed after a silkscreen course at BIP taught by Louise Bristow. It uses a series of five photographs taken at the 2013 Kemptown Carnival.

Westward Ho! is from a series of three prints (along with Carnival Queen & The Last Stand of the Miners) which disrupt old photographs from 1937, 1955 & 1985 by way of a vibrant fluorescent grid.

Epsom Downs & Picnic are from a series of six screenprints using enlarged family photos dating from 1912 to 1954. Again, my aim has been to interrogate family snapshots – & the idea of ‘the family snapshot’ – by contrasting overlapping blocks of colour with positives & negatives.

My most recent print is Punk Edwardians which uses posed early studio portraits re-presented in two-tone colours with contemporary graffiti & flyposting. Nobody can know what views of wealth inequality, servitude, the patriarchal society or trade union organisation these young women held, but it is a centuries old struggle & connects all our lifetimes.

instagram: #PerivalMansionsArtHouse