• Snowdonia Walk, 2019, 40cm x 30cm, oil on canvas

  • Late Night Walk, 2019, 30cm x 23cm, wood relief print

  • Between Storms, 2018, 40cm x 30cm, oil on canvas board

  • We are one, 2018, 23cm x 30cm, wood relief print

  • Behind Honfleur, 2018, 35cm x 46cm, oil on canvas


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At the age of 16, I wanted to go to Art College. You didn’t do that, coming from Doncaster, midst the miners’ strike. It wasn’t the sensible career path! So, for over 30 years I had a successful career in education inspiring teenagers to reach for their dreams. Throughout, my passion for Art didn’t diminish. Over the years, I taught Art and designed stage sets, keeping the dream alive. Now, I create paintings and prints, inspired by walks and travels, capturing the landscapes.


I sketch, watercolour, photograph and carve ideas in wood before developing these in relief prints or oil painting back in the studio. Each carving notch or paint stroke is purposeful, capturing the movement, and the use of colours creates the atmosphere. Each piece of work explores the impact moment of seeing the view or place. My aim is to inspire happiness and from my story for people to belief in themselves, no matter their background or age.

Recent exhibitions:

Phoenix Arts Centre, May 2018

bip art, Kemp Town, May 2018

Northbrook College, July 2018

The Claremont Hotel, Hove, From May 2018 and ongoing

Kemptown Arts Trail May 2019