• Barbara Alcock
    Santorini Gap
    Oil on canvas 40 x 60 cm

  • Barbara Alcock
    Florian Espresso
    Oil on board 30 x 40 cm

  • Barbara Alcock
    Mask II
    Oli on canvas 40 x 60 cm

  • Barbara Alcock
    Cooper's for Cutting
    Oil on Canvas 25 x 30 cm

  • Barbara Alcock
    Sunburn Happiness
    Oil on board 8 x 12 cm SOLD



Barbara Alcock is a fine art printmaker and painter in oils. She has exhibited in London’s Mall Galleries, Brighton’s Open Houses, Artwave, Hamilton Lodge, and Cesanatico in Italy.

Her etchings, wood cuts and polystyrene cuts describe historical houses, castles and gardens. Her delicate cut paper work is combined with collage to produce lively, decorative images. Many of these are available as cards direct from the artist.

Recent oil on canvas paintings are a series of observations from Venice Carnival, and more from Greece, where she has travelled extensively. The paintings have a haunting stillness, expressing a narrative in bold colours with simplified forms in clear mediterranean light.

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