• 1. Me Time is Bubble Tea Time - Katja Dell

  • 2. Hello Sailor - Katja Dell

  • 3. Ommmmm...-Katja Dell

  • 4. Watch out! - 300 20 x 20 - Katja Dell

  • 5. Clean our Oceans, Save our Mermaids - Katja Dell

  • 6. Yarn - Katja Dell

  • 7. Star Baker - Katja Dell

One Eye Candy by KATJA DELL

One Eye Candy by Katja Dell
My artistic journey began in 2004 when I studied Photography at Richmond College. I later re-trained in Illustration and was awarded a Master of Arts in Sequential Design/Illustration from the University of Brighton in 2011. I recently won a commission to produce a canvas for the University of Sussex and I was awarded a grant for the best small art business idea from the University of Brighton. My other clients include Pretty Nostalgic Magazine and Shore Soothe. Over the years I have exhibited and sold my artwork at several open houses, pop-ups and galleries around Brighton and Sussex, and I am happy to take illustration commissions and work on logo designs. I would love for my cards and prints to be featured in galleries and card shops around Brighton and the rest of the UK, and I am always happy to collaborate with other artists or share an exhibition space. I am one of the resident artists at the Naughty Pirates Gallery on Brighton seafront, and a regular at Waterstones, where I spend most of my weekends sipping tea with a Baron and creating my unique and quirky characters.