• Space Field, Oil on Paper, 76cm x 56cm

  • Shiva Shakti, Oil on Paper, 76cm x 65cm

  • Still Life, Oil and Graphite on Plastic and Board, 100cm x 90cm

  • Red on Red, Oil on Paper, 76cm x 65cm

  • Casimir Effect, Oil on Paper, 76cm x 56cm


The Studio (behind St James Furnishing), College Road, Brighton BN2 1EU

http://www.philon.org.uk · [email protected]

For me, painting is an opportunity to give a visible presence to what cannot be seen. The forces shaping the cosmos, the quantum world, even the great myths serve as starting points. But once started, I let the paint take over. Layer upon layer, solvents, gravity, chance — nature is harnessed, not represented. As the work progresses, accident and experiment take over. The end point has to be something new that could not have been imagined at the beginning.