No.1 ‘8 Charles Street’

Start from 8 Charles Street near the Old Steine and follow the Kemptown Arts Trail as it stretches eastwards towards the Marina.

Not only are we one of the oldest houses in Brighton (1789), we are also proud to show work by The Sisters Grim (real life sisters Catherine and Teresa Grimaldi) who are descendants of the famous clown Joseph Grimaldi.
TheSistersGrim -real life sisters Teresa and Catherine Grimaldi, collaborate to spin together specialisms in children’s book illustration, puppetmaking, textiles and installation in humorous, hands on exploratory works. For this years open house they will be presenting new work independantly using collage,found objects and embroidery
The properties in Charles Street are amongst the first purpose built visitor homes in Brighton. Like the local houses constructed before them and after, they are made in part of bungaroosh (a local Sussex name for flint and lime wall), brick, lime-plaster and timber. In Charles Street, however, the relatively rare mathematical tile’ was also used on some of the facades.

The street has a very distinct personality, one shared to some extent by the other early-streets in the neighbourhood, with the thoroughfare and the houses therein easily identified as different from late-Regency development by the scale of works. Contrast for example, Charles Street with Waterloo Street, Hove, both built for visitors, but some 30 years apart.