No.4 At Open House

AT Open House is open again for May 2019 with a lovely interior and a wonderful selection of graphic art, ceramics, paintings, homeware and print. Artists and makers taking part are from Brighton and beyond, and include Becky Blair, Bureaux Black, Emma Stone-Johnson, Dead Methods, Hello Dodo, First and Last, One We Made Earlier, Sophie Abbott, Alice Pattullo and Grace McCarthy.

We have a small, sunbathed garden and delicious cakes. If you have visited before, you know we put on a great show, or, if a first time visitor, you are in for a treat!

Find us at 42 Hendon Street, Brighton, BN2 0EG
Weekends in May 2019
4&5, 11&12, 18&19, 25&26
12 – 6pm

contact: [email protected]