• Nick Philo
    Casimir Effect, 2013
    Oil on paper, 76cm x 56cm

  • Nick Philo
    Shiva-Shakti, Madurai 2012

  • The Creation of Space, September 2015
    Oil on canvas, 180cm x 124cm

Nick Philo

The Studio (behind St James Furnishing) College Road Brighton BN2 1EU

http://www.philon.org.uk · phi[email protected]

It may seem strange, but my paintings are about reality. Not the everyday world we see around us, but the astonishing world that science has shown us in the last 100 years. Art has had very little to say about this world — the mysterious cosmos of dark matter, dark energy and spacetime.

How do you paint these things — that is the question. My answer is to let the materials speak for themselves; I set up experiments in which the forces of nature create works of art.