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James Foley, aka PottersBarBrighton
I am a potter and I make hand-built porcelain and stoneware in a studio in my secluded garden behind one of the Georgian townhouses on the Kemptown seafront. The studio is used as much for music, wine and coffee as for making ceramics – hence the name,  PottersBarBrighton.

I was taught at the Wrecclesham Pottery near Farnham over 25 years ago. Now, I work in hand-built porcelain, white and black stoneware. I like to use drift-wood and shells from the beach over the road to create texture or to mount my pieces.

I always say that I am incapable of turning out 6 identical mugs or plates, but that I wouldn’t want to do so, anyway. IKEA has cornered that niche in the market with excellent mass-produced pieces! All my pieces are intended to be unique and looked at and enjoyed as much as serving a function.

Instagram @pottersbarbrighton

For more information, please visit: www.pottersbarbrighton.com
or contact: [email protected]