• Brighton Pavilion Pride II & I kitchen

  • Brighton Pavilion Blue & Purple dining room

  • Aladdin Sane Rain-Bowie & black sofa

  • Drag Race Annd Chill & If You Can't Love Yourself kitchen

  • Can't Even Think Straight Sounds Gay I'm In kitchen


After more than 15 years working in ceramics, I shifted my love for bright, bold colours and the beautiful symmetry of repeating imagery to a new medium: digitally designed pop art prints. Inspired by Andy Warhol and MC Escher, and working under the name iHeart Pop Art, I love presenting famous faces in colourful and unexpected ways. Through playful repetitions and colour enhancements, my prints put new spins on well-known images, imbuing them with unusual and sometimes amusing perspectives – whether that’s Brighton’s iconic Royal Pavilion, typography designs based on various Pride flags, or pop culture icons like David Bowie, RuPaul and Queen Elizabeth II.