• Rusty Silence

  • Bird

  • Stirring Night (detail)

  • Stirring Night

  • Secret Garden

  • Emerging Rose

  • Glimpse of Light


I graduated from the University of Northumbria with a BA Hons Fashion degree. Following this, I worked for many years in the fashion industry. I am now a contemporary abstract artist and I take my influences from the abstract expressionists, the abstraction of nature and landscapes, as well as modern day trends. My main focus is sinewy botanical forms and organic shapes. I produce deep, layered, colour rich paintings with the natural world at their heart.  I have been influenced by artists Diebenkorn, Chagall and Ani Grimes.

This is my experience, being an artist is a way of being. I have become involved with colour, light, beauty and abstraction in my paintings and this has a deep impact on how I see and feel in my own living existence. Seeing the world around me and having that connection with my art is mindful and makes me feel alive. It is a perfect cyclic process which is both rewarding and deeply enriching. I find that the format of working in abstract has set me free to explore the nuances of colour and balance.

Instagram: @suewestbrookart