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As a child, I was interested in drawing and painting, but it wasn’t until I was in my 40’s that I had the opportunity to study at Amersham College of Art.  Four 4 years, I studied drawing, painting and sculpture, and was awarded the Bucks. Higher Diploma in Art and Design.  Since then, I have had very successful sculpture exhibitions in Henley, Oxon., and after moving to Spain,  various painting exhibitions in the Barcelona area, where much of my work was sold.

I remain fascinated by the human face and the myriad of emotions it can express.  My love of trees and nature in general is often a theme of my work, and sometimes I combine these two loves.  Both my husband and I love to travel, and some of my paintings are a result of these trips.

Instagram:  @susanabeee
Website:  www.susanabrown.com