• Serena Sussex
    Tram Ride Hong Kong 51 x 41 cm

  • Life-in-the-Sky-Hong-kong 51x41cm-serena-sussex

  • City-Life-in-Hong-kong 51x41cm-serena-sussex

  • Owls-About-121x60cm-Serena-Sussex-ARTS 5

  • Reedbirds-Chatting 41x56cm-Serena-Sussex1a

Serena Sussex

Serena has exhibited extensively in the UK and worldwide. She will be next exhibiting in May 2017 in the Artists Open Houses event at Trail’s End, 5 Arundel Terrace, Brighton.

Serena was found abandoned in a block of flats in Hong Kong as a baby and was one in a group of 100 babies adopted from Hong Kong to the UK in the 1960’s over a span of 10 years. She will be showing paintings inspired by her trip back to Hong Kong where she travelled with 38 other adoptees last year.

Serena won the title of Brighton Artist of the year in 2005.

Twice she has painted on the BBC. She was also selected from 3000 people to recreate Holbein’s Henry VIII together with 107 other artists as part of ‘The Big Event’, which was broadcast live from Trafalgar Square, London.